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Trustee Services

Trusts have an important role in financial and tax planning. Find out more about Qubic Trustees' range of services.

Professional Trustee Services

Trusts have an important role in financial and tax planning. We can undertake a thorough review of your current trust strategy, including cost and process management. We have helped clients to move their offshore trusts onshore, and significantly reduce their annual fees and costs. As UK based Trustees, not only do we find that it is often more cost efficient for clients, but there are obvious benefits both from a logistical and practical perspective in locating the trust onshore.

We understand how important it is for clients to give careful consideration as to who to appoint as trustees. Whether you are new to setting up a trust, or looking to replace your existing trustees, we know that clients often find it invaluable to understand some of the key facets up front.

Qubic Trustees can offer a solution to those clients who have legacy trust arrangements whether it be old Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs), Employed Financed Retirement Benefit Schemes (EFRBS), Remuneration Trusts and/or Family Trusts.

Clients may simply be looking to repatriate trusts from offshore and thereby reduce the ongoing annual administration fees or they may simply wish to consolidate their various historic arrangements.

Working with you Qubic Trustees can also help clients who wish to put in place new trust arrangements.

Qubic Trustees can offer:

  • Competitive fees on creation, transfer and ongoing administration
  • The advantages of independence and objectivity either as sole Trustee or as an independent co–Trustee
  • A successor Trustee facility for professionals retiring from private practice and/or no longer willing to suffer the burden and potential personal liabilities of acting as a personal trustee
  • Independent advice to Trustees of existing trusts
  • Repatriation from offshore of existing trusts to the United Kingdom where there are no longer advantages in an offshore arrangement
  • Consolidation of all current arrangements to facilitate an "umbrella" overview
  • Accessibility and convenience
  • Review of existing arrangements
  • Access to specialist independent investment and financial advice to review trust financial performance in comparison to industry benchmarks
  • Advice for beneficiaries of external trusts in dispute with their current Trustees;
  • Advice upon variation, winding up or termination of existing trusts
  • Advice upon maximising the benefit of trust arrangements for asset protection and Estate planning
  • Co-ordination of trust arrangements with personal planning objectives
  • Business succession planning through trust arrangements
  • Advising upon securing obligations to make contributions to existing trusts
  • Enabling “Protector” status for those unable or unwilling to undertake the personal fiduciary responsibility of acting as a Trustee but who are requested by their clients to have overview or veto involvement
  • A proven track record.

For further information, please call us on 0191 232 2001, or email us at info@qubictrustees.co.uk

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